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A blocked drain can be a very messy problem but if you can’t find the source of the blockage, it can become a nightmare. Water stops flowing correctly, pours out of gullies, floods around walls and becomes a resting place for all sorts of bacteria and the the source of foul smells.

Perhaps you have tried every remedy you can think of. You’ve unfastened the sink U-bend and poked around. No blockage. The pipes seem to be clear. Yet the gulley is overflowing. There doesn’t seem to be any grease or debris on the gulley. It’s a mystery as to why the drain is blocked.

Look Around the Garden

This is the time to look around the outside of the house. Where are the nearest trees and bushes? These could well be the culprits.

Tree roots are rather fond of drains. They are generally warmer than the surrounding ground. As the tree grows, its roots thus move closer to the drain. As they move, they grow new stems that are also attracted by the drain. With time they can exert pressure on the side of a drain, even causing a small crack. Water starts to ooze out of the crack, slowly at first, but it attracts more tree roots that see it as a source of moisture. The crack widens and before you know it the tree root not only has wrapped itself around the drain but has grown inside it too.

Call the Professionals

This is one type of blocked drain that most definitely needs experts to clear it. We have over 10 years of experience in clearing the most complicated drains all over London, including many damaged by tree roots. We can be on-site within one to two hours on the same day you call, with all of the necessary tools to hand. We can send a small camera on a cable down the drain to locate the problem and then clear away the roots with high-pressure water jets, leaving the drain clean and in perfect working order.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you have a blockage problem as we have no call-out fees and all our telephones are answered directly by our own expert team, not a call centre.

We can offer you a quote on the phone and we have a clear no nonsense pricing scheme. We focus on delivering professional customer service with references available from satisfied customers.

Blocked Drain London

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