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When it comes to drains, one of the most ignored varieties is the soakaway. This comprises a pit and trench linked to a drain pipe from a building’s guttering. Rubble or gravel fills the pit, leaving some air holes. Rainwater flows from the guttering, down the drain pipe into the ground and dissipates underground.

This is an easy and effective way of dealing with rainwater run-off. If it were to flow into the sewerage system, it could easily overwhelm it. Enlarging sewerage pipes to deal with excess rainwater is expensive and wasteful.

Debris Problem

However, soakaways can become a problem if they are blocked. Any amount of debris can fall down the drain pipe from a gutter or roof. These may be old tiles or perhaps builder’s rubble, in addition to leaves. Such a blockage will cause localised flooding and even severe damp both inside and outside the house.

Call the Drain Professionals

Soakaway drain unblocking is a job for the experts. We have been working in the drains business for over 10 years and have the correct tools for every job, however small or complicated. We offer a same-day service and can be at your home within one or two hours. There are no call-out fees and we serve the whole of the London area.

Call us to discuss your soakaway drain unblocking job. You will speak directly with one of our expert staff ? we don’t use call centres. As soon as you explain your problem we can give you a quote over the telephone. We operate a clear up-front pricing system and are focused upon great customer service. We will be pleased to provide referrals from satisfied customers.

Try Rainwater Harvesting as Drain Maintenance

Once we have cleared the debris from your soakaway and replaced a new duct in the drainage trench, we can offer advice as to how you can best maintain it in good working order. You may even decide to use the drain to harvest rainwater. This is a simple system with a filter and a collector that can keep your soakaway free from debris and avoid those annoying blockages.

Drain Unblocking London

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